Sadness, Anger, & Apathy: Part 1


These are the 3 feelings I’ve been having simultaneously:




Sadness about things happening around me, about people I used to believe, about the dangerous choices & consequences I’ve been witnessing, about the way my relationships have changed.

Anger about the same.

Apathy towards the same.

It never works out well to juggle contradictory emotions. Sometimes the incompatibility of the mixture of feelings exacerbates each one individually.

I will say that I’ve experienced all these emotions before for very similar reasons.




Social circumstance

Religious Community

And last, definitely not least, my own behaviors

It’s all just come together in such a unique way during this pandemic that I can’t process it the have in the past.

The convergence of incompatible feelings leaves you in an emotional pit that you have to break some nails to crawl out of

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