I was reading some reflections and rage posts from a hospitalist working in New York who came from out of state to work in the overtaxed NY healthcare systems. And the way he described his experience and how it’s changed his perspectives made realize that you can make a very stark compare & contrast with 9/11.

To work in the heart of this crisis, not just in New York but also places like Detroit, and then come back to the world to hear people downplaying or denying crisis feels the way it would’ve if the first responders to 9/11 came home to the news broadcasting a sizable and loud contingent of the population saying that 9/11 wasn’t really that bad. Or the death toll was being exaggerated. Or that the first responders themselves were bringing empty body bags out of the wreckage. It’s true that a myriad of conspiracy theories popped up afterwards but at least to my knowledge, none of the ones that caught on denied that the events actually took place or suggested that the first responders were somehow in on a scheme to stage the attacks.

Healthcare professionals right now are seeing the devastation of this virus all over the country and the world.

Healthcare workers that aren’t even directly involved and in harm’s way are seeing it play out, with direct knowledge of and evidence for the devastation.

I believe that we are in the process of creating lasting or even permanent hostility between a segment of the healthcare community & those who deny and/or downplay this crisis.

If this happens I think there’s a good chance it’s going to be a deep and ugly scar in the fabric of our society.

I think the spite is trickling out into the general population.

I think it’s the kind of division that will never fully heal.

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