The Viral Culture

Unformed Thoughts

What does this tell us about the way fame effects us?

What does this tell us about the impact of reach?

The more pervasive someone’s influence, the more than seem to believe it

I trust that my beliefs are true
My fans trust my beliefs to be true
What I believe must be true
Or why would everyone believe me?

Are we building a viral culture, where the further a concept spreads, the deeper it’s roots, the stronger it’s grasp…

Do those that sell their beliefs as a product, come to believe in the product themselves?

Does the viral culture infect them too?


When we believe there must be something more than what is obvious
Because obvious is bland
Because obvious is holds no magic?
Because we wish there were a Santa somewhere, lurking, ready to rescue our childhood

Do we want that so badly,
That we dissociate

Do we become the host
And accept the virus

To feel magic is possible again?

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