Ignorance and the cure for violence against Truth

Kanye West isn’t a bad person. He’s not an evil person, he’s not even a stupid person.

He is an ignorant person.

I’ve watched this whole video and rewatched several parts of it.

It’s clear that he is speaking from a place of ignorance of facts of history and modernity. Intelligence leads nowhere if it’s coupled with ignorance.

Kanye says that black Americans don’t care about violent crime amongst black communities.

That is a lie

Or at least he’s ignorant of the fact that there is advocacy against exactly that violence

But instead of taking them time to know the community activism and advocacy that does exist he speaks from his place of ignorance.

Furthering the lie
Furthering misinformation

All the while he has a position of influence
Of authority

He could use that position to bring more attention to groups like cureviolence.org

He could help spread the truth that so many people live out trying to improve their communities. That exposure could bring them more allies, more awareness, and the attention that the mainstream ignores.

And this isn’t my truth
This isn’t my story

All it takes to know these stories is to listen

To hear the stories others have to tell
To read those stories
To absorb them and let them inform your actions and attitudes

He could help

Even though he’s not bad or evil or stupid, his ignorance doesn’t help

And using the national platform he’s been given to spread ignorance hurts

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