Light from a Devious Lamp

Sometimes being guided by a hand in the dark is better than taking a lamp from the devious

We always want God to be a brilliant white light

But not always

Sometimes God comes to us

In the dark places

Comes and comforts us, let’s us know we’re not lost

Sometimes the light is tempting

But in truth, it’s a fire

It lets us stride forward

It gives us strength



but eventually Depravity

…and by the time we realize the path we’ve chosen and try to turn back

We find the trail we’ve left smoldering in ash

Instead of ash, let’s embrace the hand in the dark.

The leap of faith.

We don’t see by the light of a flame

We simply trust that the hand that’s guiding us is true

That it will help us walk safely & pick us up when when stumble

With some luck and providence, hopefully you’ll find others around you that will also take your hand. A community of mutuality that will give you support and a place to foster strength during the dark times in your life.

God’s strength is mercy and compassion.

Any bright flame that offers strength through dominion & superiority & savagery & prosperity, is from a radically different source than the God I know.

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